Foundations of Yoga Asana || This is a 5-class series, focussing on the basics of a physical yoga practice. We will explore Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Balance Poses, Backbends + Forward Bends, Twists, and Inversions. Ideal for 1-4 people, delivered in the comfort of your own home. A yoga mat and blankets are required. 75-minutes per session.

$425 investment per series, max. 4 people, $50 per person additional.

Introduction to Meditation || This workshop explores the basic elements of meditation, different breathing exercises, and discussion of the effects this peaceful practice can have on our mind and body. With a spark of new information to begin or deepen the work of meditation in your life, you will walk away with a strong understanding of what a personal meditation practice can look like. Ideal for small groups, held in a comfortable home, school, or work setting. Notebooks for journalling are encouraged, but not required. Each workshop is 2 hours in length.

$25 investment per person, min. 5 people

Private at-home yoga class || Personal yoga class, delivered in the comfort of your own home or a designated quiet space. Great for beginners, and individuals who wish to advance their personal practice. Incorporation of yoga asana (poses) will be supplemented with a short meditation and discussion about the yogic practices. 60, 75, and 90-minute options. Yoga mats are required. 

$50 per hour, max. 4 people, $10 per person additional.

Payment of cash, credit card (Square), or interact e-transfer required before the start of each session.

Travel available within the Okanagan region of British Columbia. Additional fee for travel outside of Kelowna.